SSC Rescrutiny Process and Result 2018

SSC RescrutinySSC Rescrutiny process and SSC Board challenge methods are here. In this post, I am going to show you full process of SSC Rescrutiny or Board challenge Method. SSC (Secondary School Certificate) Rescrutiny will be able to apply after the publication of result. So you can learn now how to do board challenge. Here I am going to show you board challenge method and all the details fo Bangladesh General Education Board SSC Rescrutiny.

SSC Rescrutiny process 2018

SSC Rescrutiny process 2018 is a most important part of after result publication. But it’s not for Every student. Due to some student don’t get their desired number on examination. All of the students of SSC Course are try to make best of their result and also play a good act before the examination. Even they try hard to change their result and with a good result to graduated this course. You probably know its a result of 5 Years to complete this course. Unfortunately, if you got your result down or not get your desired result don’t be sad. So I am here to show you methods fo board challenge or re scrutiny process. Now you can make a good try to change your result. Don’t be disappointed with your result I am here to show you get ride to you.

Basically, every student cannot change their result because they did not write well in examination hall also they are not qualified to pass the exam. But if you have done the well and something went wrong your examination paper then you can change your result. If you are fully confident that you may worthy of changing your result or make any improvement then you can do a challenge. Also, I am sadly asking that if you got failed examination even have done very well in the examination then you can make SSC Rescrutiny. As we know Bangladesh Education Board authority is very professional to manage the whole result processing system. They can not make any wrong with the resulting process. But you may do a Khata challenge if you confident about your examination and result.

SSC Board challenge/Rescrutiny Process 2018

To complete the SSC Board challenge you will need a Bangladeshi Mobile operator Teletalk Sim. You can not do this process without Teletalk Sim. And you also need to keep credit in your sim card to pay this challenge. As we know according to Bangladesh education system rescrutiny process is not free rather than you will need pay for SSC rescrutiny or board challenge process. Every subject contains 2 Paper that means if you do a challenge for English subject then you need to specify English 1st Paper or English 2nd Paper. You can do challenge more than a subject if you want. But you will need to pay for you all subject that you want to challenge. To do this challenge you need your Subject Code to complete this process.

So let’s start SSC Rescrutiny / Board challenge process. Here I am showing Bangladesh General Board SSC Board challenge method. If you need other equivalent courses board challenge or rescrutiny method please browse your course from the menu bar that we already show you equivalent courses rescrutiny methods. Now follow the SSC board challenge process.

1st Step:

RSC <space> Board first 3 letters <space> Roll <space> Subject Code and send to 16222

In reply, you will get an SMS which will let you know how much application money will be charged and a PIN number will be given to you through SMS for confirmation.

If you agree to give TK. 125, go to message option and type you following the second massage.

Note: If you from outside of Dhaka Education board you need to enter your own boards first 3 letter.

2nd Step:

RSC <space> Yes <space> PIN <space> Contact Mobile Number and Send to 16222

Example: RSC<space>YES<space>654321<space>01710000000” and send to 16222

Note: You will be charged every text message so you need to keep more credit than subject charge. Make sure that charges of the subject can be changes and you will be notified with massage.

SSC Rescrutiny Result 2018

SSC Rescrutiny result basically publishes after a few days later from the last date of rescrutiny completed. Bangladesh SSC Board authority gives a timeframe to complete the SSC Rescrutiny application for the students who want apply. Some unsatisfied students ar do this application. Now you may be waiting for SSC Board challenge result 2018. So I am here updating SSC Rescrutiny/boar challenge result 2018. SSC Rescrutiny also was known as Khata challenge. If you did the application of board challenge now you can get your result. But make sure that unfortunately if your result in not change then you will not find your result. If you are lucky and you got your result changed then you will get your result with this rescrutiny result 2018.

See SSC Result 2018

Download Rescrutiny/Board challenge result

Rescrutiny/Board results are published by Bangladesh SSC Board authority. After reviewing the Khata that applied by students result will publish. Board authority takes some time to Khata recheck and publish the result. This result sheet contains Roll number of students with a pdf file. Khata Recheck result publish separately for each Board. Make sure that if your result changes then you can get your result in result sheet. So download now your rescrutiny result 2018.

Dhaka Board SSC Rescrutiny Result 2018

Barisal Board SSC Rescrutiny Result 2018

Chittagong Board SSC Rescrutiny Result 2018

Comilla Board SSC Rescrutiny Result 2018

Dinajpur Board SSC Rescrutiny Result 2018

Jessore Board SSC Board Challenge Result 2018

Rajshahi Board SSC Board Challenge Result 2018

Sylhet Board SSC Rescrutiny Result 2018

Hope you have done the board challenge successfully. If you face any problem or have any question about SSC Rescrutiny process and Result please let me know by commenting below.

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