Education System In Bangladesh

Today I will discuss the Education System Bangladesh. The education ministry of Bangladesh regulates the education ministry of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. All citizens of Bangladesh must be educated and every citizen has to be educated at least primary and secondary education. Through this post, we will discuss all types of education and education in Bangladesh. Hopefully, you can get complete knowledge about this. So let’s get started.

Education System Bangladesh

Primary education in the education system of Bangladesh Primary education Secondary education Tertiary education Vocational and technical education exist. There is the main education system divided into three level :

  • Primary Level
  • Secondary Level
  • Tertiary Level

Bangladesh government controls all the level of education. Also, there is a lot of Private educational institution. But Private education institution follows all rules same of Bangladesh government. All the system have two different language system. The student can choose their education in Bangla or English. Even large number of students are attending Bangla medium. But nowadays students are also enrolling English too. Let’s discuss three education level.

Primary Education

Primary education is the first step of Bangladesh education system. Even All citizen of Bangladesh has to receive primary education. From class 1 to Class 8 is primary Level. In this primary level, there is two certificate. First one is Primary School Certificate (PSC) and another one is Junior School Certificate (JSC).  After completing class 1 to 5 students get their PSC graduation and after completing class 6 to 8 student get their JSC graduation.

The Directorate of Primary Education (DPE) is responsible for  the two public examinations:

  • Primary School Certificate (PSC) (5th grade)
  • Junior School Certificate (JSC) (8th grade)

But Make sure that two DPE two public examination for General Education board. Here is also available alternative Primary education. PSC and JSC course control Bangladesh general education board. According to Bangladesh education system, Bangladesh madrasah board have two public examinations following.

  • Ebtedayee (5th grade)
  • Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) (8th grade)

Madrasah Board ebtedayee and Junior Dakhil are primary level education and They are equivalent to general board education. Ebtedayee is equivalent to PSC and Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) is equivalent to Junior School Certificate (JSC).

Secondary Education

After completing primary education student appeared in secondary education. Bangladesh Education boards are responsible for Secondary education public examinations. Following are the secondary public examination.

Bangladesh National Curriculum of Textbook Board (NCTB) is responsible to maintain the textbook for Primary and Secondary education. without Higher Secondary (HSC) all the textbook develop by NCTB. After passing the JSC/JDC student appeared to Secondary Certificate (SSC) program. From class 9 to 10 is SSC program and passing this SSC examination students have appeared to Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) program. Students to join Tertiary education system after passing the secondary education.  Bangladesh General Education Board responsible for secondary education. Also, Bangladesh Bangladesh Madrasah Education Have two public examination for secondary education in Education System Bangladesh. These are following.

Dakhil certificate is equivalent to SSC and Alim is equivalent to HSC. Dakhil and Alim are alternate and equivalent of general board secondary education. after completing madrasah boards secondary education student can join tertiary education. All the secondary education examination are held by different education board. The student has to join their reigns education board. Student of SSC and HSC have to select their education board by their region.  Example: A student from Dhaka division have to receive the examination from Dhaka Education Board.

General Education Board

Following are Nine General Education Board.

  1. Barisal Education Board for Barisal Division
  2. Chittagong Education Board for Chittagong Division
  3. Comilla Education Board for Comilla Division
  4. Dhaka Education Board for Dhaka Division
  5. Dinajpur Education Board for Rangpur Division
  6. Jessore Education Board for Khulna Division
  7. Mymensingh Education Board for Mymensingh Division
  8. Rajshahi Education Board for Rajshahi Division
  9. Sylhet Education Board for Sylhet Division

Also here is another Education board is Madrasah education board. Wich is intended only for Madrasah Education. Madrasah board is effective for all madrasah of Bangladesh. Student of Dakhil and Alim are in Madrasah Board.

What you know about Education System Bangladesh, Please let us know by commenting below.

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