Dakhil Rescrutiny Process and Result 2018

Dakhil RescrutinyDakhil Rescrutiny is essential for the students who did not get their desired result. After getting Dakhil Result you will need to rescrutiny if you have got failed or not get your actual marks. Even you are fully confident that you have to good result on Dakhil. But unfortunately, if you got your result down then you have a chance to do board challenge. So if you think that your result can change you can do a board challenge. In this post, I am showing you to all details of Dakhil Rescrutiny process and Dakhil Rescrutiny Result.

Why Dakhil Rescrutiny?

As you know Dakhil Examination is over and Also you may be got your result. If you have failed in the exams or got fewer marks in the exams then you can do rescrutiny application. So the student who are confident that they have done very well on examination paper and wished a good result but unfortunately they didn’t they can do Dakhil Rescrutiny. Dakhil Rescrutiny is suitable for all students who are not getting Maximum GPA 5.00. For an example is, If you wish you will get the A+ grade in Bangla Subject, Also I am letting you know that Bangla subject includes Bangla 1st Paper and Bangla 2nd Paper. But you got only A grade or less then you can do a board challenge/rescrutiny.

Also if you know that you have a minimum result to pass the exam but unfortunately you got failed then you can also do rescrutiny application.  Also its know as Dakhil Khata challenge/Dakhil Board Challenge.

Dakhil Board challenge/Rescrutiny Process 2018

If you thought that you have to do rescrutiny application now you can follow this to complete the application. If you got failed in the examination or got less mark then you are able to the application. Before starting the application you must need Bangladeshi Mobile Operator Teletalk sim. Without Teletalk sim you cannot do rescrutiny application. Hope you chose your subject code to do an application. Now follow the SMS format to start the application.

1st step

RSC<space>First Three Letter of Board Name<space>Roll No<Space>Subject Code and send to 16222

Example: RSC Mad 13457 123 and send to 16222

2nd Step

When you send messages, in reply you will get a confirmation message with a PIN number. If you are agreeing to apply go to your message option then type the following message and send to 16222. You have to pay the charge (Approx) TK 125 BDT per subject. You have to enough credit on your mobile to complete the application.

RSC<space>YES<space>PIN number<space>Contact Number and send to 16222

Example: RSC YES 987654 017000000000 and send to 16222

Note: Provide an active contact number to get result updates. SMS charges May apply for sending the text message.

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Dakhil Rescrutiny Result 2018

Dakhil rescrutiny result will publish after reviewing all the Khata that applied. After a few days later from the last date of rescrutiny result will publish. Bangladesh Madrasah education board will recheck Khata and publishes the result. Even Bangladesh Madrasah education board take care of this resulting process. Every student will not get their result changed. Some of them the result will change that who actually did well before. Now you can see your rescrutiny result if you have done your application successfully.

Download Dakhil Rescrutiny/Board challenge result 2018

Now you can download your Madrasah Boards Dakhil Rescrutiny Result 2018. You need your roll number to see your rescrutiny result. The result will publish a pdf file. This results pdf file contains the students roll number. You will find your roll number if your result is changed. also if you do not find your roll number you have not changed your result. You can download Dakhil rescrutiny/Board challenge result.

Download Challenge Result 2018

See Challenge Result 2018

If you have any question about Dakhil Rescrutiny process and Result please let me know by commenting below.

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